The World’s Most Capable Delay Time Recorder

The TimeTrap™ Delay Time Recorder has been designed to measure the internal pyrotechnic delay in electric and nonelectric detonators. With the standard unit, the accuracy of measure is 1 microsecond. There is an upgrade available to increase the accuracy of the timing to 100 nanoseconds. With the internal electric firing circuit that will allow the energization of electric detonators and the measurement of the time from energization to the time of initiation. Nonelectric detonators uses a photo sensor on the shocktube to measure the start time and then measures the time of initiation for a calculation of a total delay.


Researchers for High Speed Phenomena

The TimeTrap™ Delay Time Recorder can measure the timing of a variety of different initiation and initiation accessories. This instrument has the ability to measure the velocity of detonation of shocktube. The TimeTrap™ Delay Time Recorder will use photo sensors placed at a measured distance to obtain an accurate measurement of velocity versus performing the same task optically. The accuracy will be much higher with shorter samples to allow quicker test time turnaround and a greater number of samples tested in a day. These number are important in ensuring the timing of the items that are using shocktube are functioning when they are supposed to be.


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Explosives Manufacturers

The TimeTrap™ Delay Time Recorder can also measure the timings of initiation accessories. This will allow the accuracy required to ensure the timing accessories are within tolerance. The TimeTrap™ Delay Time Recorder can be used by manufacturers to ensure the quality control on their products or the end user to confirm the timing of the product that has been purchased.

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