Registrador de Velocidad de Retardo más Moderno del Mundo

The World’s Most Modern Discontinuous Velocity Recorder

MREL’s SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorder is the world’s most modern discontinuous (point-to-point) velocity recorder. It is used by explosives manufacturers and explosive consumers to instantly display and save the velocity of all types of industrial and military explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, detonating cords, boosters and shock tubes.


Explosives Manufacturers
and Users

It is the ideal recorder for instant infield or laboratory determination and display of the velocity of energetic products. For example, the Operator can take a sample of bulk explosive at a mine and test the sample’s average velocity of detonation (VOD) prior to allowing the explosives truck to load blastholes. Another example is laboratory velocity testing of energetic materials as part of a research or factory quality control program.


The SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorder features a high precision timer with 0.1 microsecond accuracy and two input channels, one to start the timer and one to stop the timer.


All settings are made and test results immediately displayed on the built-in LCD. The LCD displays the distance between sensors, the time taken between sensors and the velocity. It allows the results to be
printed and saved into internal memory for review or downloading to a PC.

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