VOD / Grabador de datos más popular del Mundo

The World’s Most Popular VOD/Data Recorder

Velocity of detonation (VOD) is cited as the performance specification for explosives. If you are not measuring VOD then you cannot be sure that your explosives are performing properly.

If you want to profile the VOD continuously along the explosives columns in multiple blastholes, along an explosives sample, or determine the delay times between blastholes, the most affordable and easiest to use recorder is the MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder. It is the World’s most popular VOD recorder and can be optionally extended to record any sensor that outputs DC voltage such as pressure sensors and accelerometers.


Researchers for High Speed Phenomena

You are paying for explosives and delay detonators to provide you with the energy and timing your blasts need under your specific blasting conditions. The MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder is used by mines and quarries to perform spot checks of explosives and detonator delay time performance during blasts to compare the actual VOD and delay time results to the specifications published by the explosives manufacturer.


To visually capture high-rate phenomena, MREL carries a range of highly capable and powerful High Speed Cameras.


To analyse the data captured at your event, MREL provides our DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite with each of our Recorders.


Explosives Manufacturers

Your customers depend on you for their explosives and detonators. At the customer’s blast site the MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder is used by your technical service representative to document the VOD performance of the explosives and delay times of the delay detonators being sold to the customer. At explosives plants, the MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder is used as part of the quality control process to test VOD, airblast overpressure, or underwater pressure of samples of explosives including cartridges, boosters, detonating cord, bulk explosives of all types, and military explosives.



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