Más asequible VOD Registrador del Mundo

The World’s Most Capable Data/VOD Recorder

Your PC based Data Acquisition System (DAS) could cause a failure of your testing program. When confronted by dust, high or low temperatures, moisture, or even rough handling, a typical DAS will fail.


If you want to record acceleration, pressure, and other dynamic sensors under tough outdoor conditions, then the DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder is the only rugged recorder that provides this capability and the optional ability to record dynamic strain, and explosives velocity of detonation (VOD) continuously along explosives columns in multiple blastholes, along explosives samples, as well as to determine the delay times between blastholes.


Researchers for High Speed Phenomena

You are running a sophisticated testing program involving measurement of the performance and/or effect of energetic materials. The DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder is used by corporate, university and government researchers to record signals from airblast overpressure and underwater pressure sensors, accelerometers, thermocouples, strain gauges, VOD probes in explosives samples and other sensors on outdoor testing ranges without the requirement of running long signal cables to a distant instrumentation shelter.


To visually capture high-rate phenomena, MREL carries a range of highly capable and powerful High Speed Cameras.


To analyse the data captured at your event, MREL provides our DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite with each of our Recorders.


Explosives Consumers
and Manufacturers

Your explosives and delay detonators must provide the energy and timing your blasts need under your specific blasting conditions. The DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder is used to document the VOD performance of the explosives and delay times of the delay detonators during blasts to compare the actual VOD and delay time results to the published specifications. It also records near-field blast vibrations using high-G uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers



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