The Industry’s Most Popular High Speed Camera

Blasts and their effects occur too quickly to be captured with standard speed video cameras. To see what you've been missing - you must record your blasts with high speed video.


If you want to determine the effects of blasts on structures or vehicles or determine the actual firing times of your blastholes and the nature of the rock movement, the digital video camera with the speed and resolution to accurately capture these events is the Blaster's Ranger II™ High Speed Camera. It is a complete high speed video recording system with a built-in LCD screen and easy-to-use operator interface.


Explosives Consumers and Manufacturers

Your delay detonators must provide the correct timing for your specific blasting conditions. Incorrect timing reduces rock fragmentation, affects blast movement, and can increase blast vibrations. The Blaster's Ranger II™ High Speed Camera with the included ProAnalyst® Introductory Edition software can document the actual firing times of blastholes to sub-millisecond accuracy, as well as quantify face velocity, blowouts, stemming ejection, flyrock trajectory, and more.


To record the velocity of detonation (VOD) of the explosives in the blast, MREL offers a range of highly capable and powerful VOD Recorders.


Researchers of Blast Effects

You are running a sophisticated testing program involving measurement of the effects of energetic materials. The Blaster's Ranger II™ High Speed Camera is a portable, affordable alternative to expensive high speed digital video cameras traditionally used by corporate, university and government researchers to video record the effects of blasting on structures and vehicles. The use of multiple cameras provide researchers the ability to record events from multiple camera angles for time base correlation and accurate 3-D motion analyses using the optional ProAnalyst® 3-D Professional Edition software available from MREL.

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